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I use CCbill for my revshare program. You will be paid 50/50 plus the life of the rebill for all memberships. I accept payment via credit cards & checks. All of which are processed solely through CCBill. Payments are sent out weekly.

 No Spamming

Do not Spam!! I do not authorize anyone to advertise my site in this manner. If you have any questions, please read my complete spam policy by clicking below:


Search Engine Traffic:

We will not compete for the top paid spots on any search engines. Do not confuse/mislead buyers. Naughty at Home is our trademarked name-do not attempt to use paid advertising spots that say "Official" Naughty at Home website-Or using the word "Desirae Spencer." We will terminate your account imediately. If you are in doubt of what we will allow and not allow when it comes to buying spots on search engines, please contact us before placing any sort of ad.

Again, we will NOT be forced into competing financially for a paid spot above our own trademarked names/websites. We will terminate your partnership immediately including all re-bills.

Regarding Purchase of URLS:

Do NOT purchase similar URLS or variations of our site names. This includes all of our sites. If you do this you will terminated.

Referring URLS:

We need to know where your traffic is coming from. We do NOT allow hidden referring URL's. If you do this, you will be removed immediately.

Original Copyright must always appear on all images & videos used for promotion:

Any alteration of copyright or usage of images or movies for purposes other than promotion of Naughtyathome.com, Sweetkacey.com, Mywifeashley.com, and Sharingparis.com will result in immediate termination of partnership and or legal action. Do not use our images or videos without a link back to my website & the original copyright notice in place. Do not alter the watermark or logo on our content in any way. This includes shrinking it to the point where it can no longer be seen. Please provide a banner or a text link back to my site when using my images or movies. We do not allow affiliates to use our trademarked names in domain names or urls.

Content Usage (Pictures & Videos):

You are only allowed to use the content we provide to you in our affiliate area. We do not authorize any of our content to be posted in anyone's members area, unless you have written consent with our signature. You are only allowed 5 picture sets, 5 movie galleries, or movies per site. You are not allowed to post our full length videos on your site. Again, please do NOT alter the logo on any movies or pictures in any way.

Usage of Pic sets in members areas:

Do not use the picture sets containing 20 pictures each as members area content. Doing may result in the termination of your affiliate status. The zip files containing picture sets are for galleries only.

Click Inactivity:

If you do not send any hits within 180 days, your account will be removed.

NO AVS Sites

I just don't like the idea of AVS sites created from my content. The URL and copyright notice must always remain & the image must not be shrunken in order to conceal the notice in any way. Do not shrink my images down to the point where the copyright image is not visible.



If I find that your are violating these rules or cheating, I will terminate your partnership immediately including all re-bills. Bottom line, do not cheat!! We can terminate you & rebills for any reason at any time if we feel you are violating or cheating our program. We reserve the right to change our terms and conditions at any time.

Sometimes we will bend the rules for certain situations, if you have any questions feel free to email me and maybe we can work something out.




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